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Who We Are

On April, 2018 Presidents from universities across Latin, America the Caribbean, Canada and the United States convened to discuss the concept of a hemispheric consortium to facilitate problem-based collaborations in education, research and innovation to generate the knowledge and solutions necessary to confronting the key challenges facing not only the hemispheric but also the globe including:

Public Health, Wellbeing and Human Prosperity

Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience

and Inclusive Innovation

Crime, Conflict,

Technology and Innovation for Education

Collaborations through the Hemispheric University Consortium are based on the shared recognition of the pressing developmental challenges that confront our societies and the consequent imperative that the members jointly reflect, align and act upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

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Our Initiatives

The purpose of the Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) is to foster collaboration among higher education institutions in an effort to enhance the quality and reach of their education and their research in order to develop innovative and impactful solutions for the social challenges facing the region and the world. In this regard, the members agree to focus on the following initiatives of great importance for the HUC:


Public Health, Well-being and Human Prosperity
  • COVID-19 Online Resources Collaboration
    Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience
    • Ocean Health Course
    • Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics
    Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Innovation
    • Certificate in Practical Innovation
    • Certificate: Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries
    • Cathedra on Building and Infrastructure Construction in the Americas
    • PhD Students mobility program
    • Pen-Pal program for students
    • Practical Innovation Polyineering Summer Program
    • Practical Innovation Hemispheric Summer Program
    • Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship in LATAM
      Crime, Conflict and Corruption
      • Law Without Walls (LWOW)
      • Compliance Boot Camp
      • Miami Law Global Summer Academy
      Technology and Innovation for Education
      • Ocean Health Course
      • Latin American Studies and Spanish as a Second Language Program
      • Collaborative Library Resources for Research and Education


      Public Health, Well-being and Human Prosperity
      • Minorities in health and health disparities research training
      • Drug Abuse and Addiction
      Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience
      • Water Management and Sustainability
      • Designing Law: Plastics
      • HUC Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience
      • Disaster and Emergency Management
      Crime, Conflict and Corruption
      • Gender and Justice (focusing on violence against women)
      • Journalists and their social and political context in Latin America
      Technology and Innovation for Education
      • Big Data and its use as a tool across the substantive areas of the HUC research In process


      Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Innovation
      • Startup competition partnering with eMerge Americas
      • HUC Innovation Observatory
      • HUC Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative Centre
      • HUC Technological Transfer Network
        Technology and Innovation for Education
        • Technological Frontiers Forum
        • Magic Leap – HUC Collaboration

        Innovation Observatory

        The Hemispheric University Consortium Innovation Observatory (HUC.IO) is a multilateral online platform that showcases research projects, facilities, capacity building programs and annual R&D reports of Consortium members. HUC.IO seeks to encourage joint research opportunities, foster collaboration and highlight innovative initiatives and their impact in the 5 key challenges defined by Consortium. 


        Universidade de São Paulo 

        Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

        The University of the West Indies

        Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra 


        Hemispheric University Consortium Students Practice Social Entrepreneurship Along Their “Pathway to Prosperity”

        Hemispheric University Consortium Students Practice Social Entrepreneurship Along Their “Pathway to Prosperity”

        In December, students from across the Americas successfully culminated a year-long learning journey after participating in the “Pathway to Prosperity” workshop series sponsored by the Hemispheric University Consortium. They left the program equipped with the skill set to enable social impact in their communities and empowered with the knowledge that change is within their reach.

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