HUC Virtual Research Internships 2022 – Invitation for students

Virtual research internships are an excellent opportunity to foster scientific collaboration and international academic experiences. The Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) provides an ideal platform to connect professors, researchers, and students from HUC universities across the continent.

Read on if you are an active student from a HUC university to find out how to conduct a virtual research internship with a HUC professor!

Virtual research internships:

      • Both for undergraduate and graduate students.
      • Different areas of knowledge.
      • Topics and projects that are of interest for both professors and students.
      • Depending on the professors, different durations and weekly workloads during the months of August to December, 2022.

Two important definitions to keep in mind…

      • Home university: your current HUC university, where you are currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student.
      • Host university: the HUC university offering the project; the university to which the host professor belongs.


Invitation for students: Open until July 11, 2022.

Selection period: July, 2022

Virtual internships: second half of 2022. Specific dates specified in each project.

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Process – How to apply:

      1. Read carefully the information that is available on this page. Pay special attention to the sections “General conditions”, and “Specific conditions”, depending on your home university.
      2. Explore the Project Gallery Click on each project card to see the complete details of the internships, the host university offering the internship place, the topics, activities to be performed, expected workload, internship duration, etc. Take the time to explore the projects, the websites, and the information provided. Make a list of the projects that are interesting for you.
      3. Once you have decided which projects you are going to apply to, click on the project card to find the Application link. This will redirect you to a different web page / online form, with specific instructions for the application. Note that these application links vary depending on the host university.
      4. Read carefully the specific information available at the corresponding application link. Note which documents do you need to apply.
      5. Apply at the corresponding application link of each host university. When applying, be sure to select the specific project you are interested in.
      6. Towards the end of July, you should get a reply with the results of the applications.
      7. Follow the specific instructions that you will receive from the corresponding host institution!
      8. Start and enjoy your internship!


General conditions:

We see these virtual research internships as a great international scientific experience with value on its own. You will get to know exciting projects leaded by great researchers from different countries in our region, and you will get to expand your current scientific networks.

If you complete your internship successfully, you will receive a digital badge from the Hemispheric University Consortium!

If, additionally, you are interested in having this internship recognized as part of your individual course load or in the form of academic credits, please be aware that this is up to the discretion of each student’s home institution as to whether this is possible or not. Just to be sure, if this is a requirement for you (we hope it is not, and that you take this just for the experience!), we recommend that you contact your home university inquiring if this will be possible, as this is usually determined on an individual level.

The HUC, as a Consortium, cannot guarantee the recognition of the internships as credits. Please be aware of this before applying and take the necessary steps at your home university to inquire this (see the contacts list at the bottom of this page).

Specific conditions (depending on your home university):

If you are a student at one of the following universities, please pay attention to the specific conditions:


Home University

Specific conditions
Universidad de los AndesPlease contact your academic coordinator and inform him / her of your intention to conduct a HUC virtual internship. Share the details of the project you are interested in, specifically, the expected weekly workload. You will need your coordinator’s approval later in the process. Please contact oiaresearchinfo@uniandes.edu.co to receive specific instructions on how to get this approval.


Projects gallery

Explore the projects gallery below to find a virtual research internship of interest. Click on each card to read all the details, including a project description, expected workload, requirements, languages, duration, among others.

Please do not contact the professors directly at this stage. Follow the process outlined in this webpage.

Contacts / Additional questions:

You can contact the following persons at your corresponding home university for general questions about this initiative.


Home UniversityEmail
Universidad Austral (Argentina)LSalinas@austral.edu.ar
York University (Canada)LUKELI@YORKU.CA
The University of the West Indies (Caribbean)linapaola.torresmaestre@uwimona.edu.jm
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile)cristian.diaz@uc.cl
Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)oiaresearchinfo@uniandes.edu.co
Universidad de Costa Ricarita.jimenez@ucr.ac.cr
Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile)TRYCHAL.ESCOBAR@UNAB.CL
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (Dominican Republic)JHERNANDEZ@PUCMM.EDU.DO
Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)vromano@usfq.edu.ec
Tec de Monterrey (Mexico)itesmvi@servicios.itesm.mx
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Peru)DURIN@OFICINAS-UPCH.PE
University of Miamiggeron@miami.edu

If you have any other general question, please contact us at: