Join us to engage in meaningful dialogue with students and faculty from across the western hemisphere, develop intercultural skills to earn a HUC Digital Certificate, and have your work displayed here on the Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) website!

The Hemispheric Student Dialogues on SDGs provide an opportunity for virtual integration between students from Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) member universities. Hosted by HUC & Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), the Hemispheric Student Dialogues on SDGs will consist of a series of workshops over a weeklong period. Students will join faculty and students from across the consortium to engage in virtual international dialogue using the SDGs & Key HUC challenges as a framework. Students who attend workshops will be assigned a collaborative deliverable (such as a video, photo gallery, infographics etc.) to be completed after the workshop which will be showcased online. Students will develop key intercultural and digital competencies to address the challenges of the 21st century.  For more information and to register continue reading!



The workshops will be held over the span of one week: April 5-9 ,2021, 2020- Check the schedule below for specific workshop details

Who can join?

Any students from HUC universities, check here for participating Universities!

How does it work?

Students can sign up for only one workshop using the registration form below. All workshops will be capped at 30 participants, sign up now!

How to register?

The deadline for registration was March 29th, 2021. Students will take part in pre-workshop and post-workshop asynchronous activities in addition to the synchronous workshop zoom session in order to receive a HUC Digital Certificate.


workshop schedule and registration

Liderado Por: Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

Construye una narrativa digital para impulsar la igualdad y el empoderamiento. Descubre una nueva manera de liderar un espacio virtual a favor de los derechos de mujeres y niñas.

Led by: University of Miami

Today, our lives are heavily dependent on technology. We trust our service providers and governments to keep our data safe, however, we are careless when we work with technology. Join us in this workshop as we will discuss Cyberhygiene – an important concept keeping you safe in the digital world and raise awareness about potential risks.

Liderado Por: Universidad Austral

 Todos sabemos que el COVID disparó los niveles de desempleo a nivel global y disminuyó la capacidad de las naciones para desarrollar consumo y producción sostenible (ODS 12). Entonces, ¿cómo podemos aumentar el empleo y a la vez cumplir con el ODS 12? En este taller descubrirás cuales son las herramientas para generar empleo en una forma que permita cumplir con los objetivos de la agenda 2030.


Liderado Por: Universidade de São Paulo

Rethink global justice by using gamification in educational environments & platforms. Discover new skills and forms of engaging by using physical cards and online connections.

Led by: The University of the West Indies

Speakers of creoles, indigenous languages, and other vernaculars experience inequality in education. Entrenched beliefs that these languages are of lesser value led to poor learning outcomes. This workshop leads participants to discover the value of bilingualism and vernacular languages in their personal lives and learn how to inspire others to do the same. Participants are expected to be speakers of a creole, an indigenous language, a non-standard Spanish or Portuguese variety, or another vernacular, or to be intimately familiar with one.

Contact information

Alex Rendón, Universidad San Francisco de Quito: arendon@usfq.edu.ec